iPhone 11 answers here.

Does Visible sell the new iPhone 11 models?

Yes. Supplies are limited – check status for for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What about other new products from Apple?

Today, Visible is compatible with phones only—not tablets or wearables. But hey, stick around...

If I buy a new iPhone from Best Buy or elsewhere, can I use it on Visible?

Yes, if you buy one that's unlocked. And you can always check compatibility here.

Can I trade my old phone to Visible for iPhone 11?

Sorry, no – but you can re-sell yours through websites like Trademore. If you didn't buy that phone from Visible, you can then buy iPhone 11 from us, or you can buy from someone else—just make sure it's unlocked in that case. If you did buy your old phone from Visible, you'll need to buy iPhone 11 from someone else. (For now, Visible members can buy only a single device from Visible.)

Can I finance iPhone 11 with Visible?

Possibly! You may qualify to pay monthly with Affirm. Loans are subject to credit check and approval. For purchases under $100, limited payment options are available. Affirm loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. (Sorry, we had to write all that.)

If I buy iPhone 11 from Visible, will you give me a gift card?

Yes. But hold up: to qualify, you need to activate Visible service and make your first two monthly payments. For phones under $400 (or if you bring your own), we offer a $100 Prepaid Mastercard® Virtual Account. Devices $400+ get $200. Members who already received a Virtual Account can't get another 😭 Details

You guys are amazing, but I just want iPhone 11, not your service. Do phones you sell work on other carriers?

You're breaking our heart...but yes! Our phones are unlocked. Please don't do that, though—we want you right here with us 💙 Also, don't forget you need to activate Visible service and make at least 2 payments to qualify for your Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account.
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